Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sisterhood of Unity & Love (SOUL)

Sisterhood Of Unity & Love is a group geared towards the development and betterment of Black women. We have two main aims: We aim to make us feel comfortable, satisfied and confident with ourselves; We also aim to create cohesive bonds with the Black women in our community. There is a three step process, the first step is Private Victory-loving self, the next step is Public Victory- unifying with thy sister, and the third step is Renewal- branching out. We focus on topics such as nutrition, family, self-determination, finance, entrepreneurship, image, etc and we are always looking for more topics.
If you are more interested in this program and/or how you can start one in your local community please contact Araina Ford (SOUL President) at:
The SOUL program is based in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. SOUL engages in a lot of community service which includes, but is not limited to, going to women prisons and facilitating academic tutoring, self-esteem workshops, and re-entry programs at those same women prisons. Please contact Araina Ford to learn more about the many other initiatives that SOUL produces for the community.

Our Principles
Give our sisters an opportunity to make a connection and develop a sisterhood, eliminate the excuse of not knowing everyone or the feeling of disconnect.

Expand our sisters' minds and inform them of the issues that are affecting our community through knowledge and experience.

Focus on the importance of unity and understand why loving our sisters and developing a bond will be the only way to effectively commence change.

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