Thursday, January 3, 2008

Community Roots

Community Roots is fundamentally an activist based organization that intends to unite the different ethnic communities at the University of Maryland to be heard as a united voice for change. Our goal is to motivate and inspire the ethnically diverse student body of the University of Maryland to take definitive action in the face of domestic and international social injustice. In our attempt to combat social injustice we are determined to create an environment in which people from different cultural backgrounds can foster true camaraderie. For every activist campaign we plan to present a well organized and educated movement on campus by sponsoring events such as, teach-ins, movies, and speakers who will help motivate and educate our members, as well as other Maryland Students. In addition to campaigns created and run by Community Roots, our organization will support other established Community Service groups at the University of Maryland by sending our members and helping other students find groups they are interested in. For more information contact Kyle Carson at:

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