Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do You Know the Real chris columbus?

The Real Christopher Columbus
“Do You Really Know Who You Are Celebrating on Columbus Day?”

The Often Untold Facts:
*He and his men Murdered Millions of Arawaks in the Caribbean

*He & his men raped thousands of Arawak Women

*He and his men mutilated scores of Arawak People

*Thousands of Arawak Children died due to malnourishment and because Columbus and his men overworked their Mothers

*He and his men brutally enslaved the Arawak People of the Caribbean

*His men beheaded several Arawak Youth

*He and his men invaded and stole Arawak land throughout the Caribbean

**Unfortunately the aforementioned is just the tip of the “iceberg” in terms of the physical carnage and destruction Columbus and his men inflicted upon native peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere while on their so-called “Conquest” endorsed by Spain and Portugal. There needs to be a more accurate depiction of Columbus if we are ever to move closer towards a moratorium of the celebration of his life.

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