Sunday, December 7, 2008

Martin Luther King Speaks (Please Listen!)

The following speech that is showcased below is one of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's most important and influential speeches, however at the same time it is one of his least known oratories. This speech (Beyond Vietnam) is rarely ever taught or played to students ,of all ages, in all educational systems. Why you might ask. Why you should ask! The answer is rather simple, but also rather disconcerting. Many of the people who control the media, public education, and even government do not want you to know this side of Martin Luther King. "They" do not want you to know how revolutionary and outspoken he really was, especially when it came to many of the American government's public, domestic, and foreign policies. Since Dr. King's untimely death, the aforementioned have tried incredibly hard to reshape and repackage, and ultimately assassinate his image and character. You see, if "they" are able to control the way we view some of our heroes they can ultimately suppress any progressive ideas possible actions we might borrow from the work of those same heroes.

The so-called powers that be can suppress any kind of revolutionary thought or work by controlling images and information in the media, schools, and yes even the images of some of our greatest heroes. The work of many Progressive and Revolutionary historical figures, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, is a direct threat to the power structure of those who work to keep "power" consolidated and in the hands of a few. The last thing they need is for us to get any ideas that we can strategize, galvanize, and mobilize (together) in an effort to create a true representational government that serves all and not just a few. We need to continue to strive towards these goals so that we may truly help create a more equal and just society that is free of inequality and injustice. Please take the time to listen to this speech by Dr. Martin Luther King and spread the word to all of your networks. We can start making a difference by simply making information like this popular! True change comes when there is a well informed populous within any society. That is, in its essence, Democracy!

The Beyond Vietnam Speech is Below:

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